Details of Book :Geography of India
TITLE :Geography of India
AUTHOR : Dr.P.K. Acharya, H.K. Mahato
ISBN : 9789383158096
SUBJECT : geography
YEAR : 2013
PRICE : Rs 495
About Book:Geography of India is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of Indias physical setting, India is known for rich mineral and natural resources. Accordingly, the book has been given special treatment to the study of resources in India. Agriculture and industry play a prominent part is Indias economic life.  Situated entirely in the northern hemisphere, India is the second most populous and the seventh largest country in the world. The globe shows the Indian subcontinent as the southward extension of the great landmass of Asia. Indian Peninsula tapers towards the Indian Ocean dividing the ocean realm into the two flanking expansions of water Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The geography of India is diverse and can be divided into three main regions. The first is the rugged, mountainous Himalayan region in the northern part of the country, while the second is called the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is in this region that most of India's large-scale agriculture takes place. The third geographic region in India is the plateau region in the southern and central portions of the country. India also has three major river systems which have large deltas that take over a large portion of the land. These are the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. India's climate is also varied but is tropical in the south and mainly temperate in the north. The country also has a pronounced monsoon season from June to September in its southern portion. This book may also serve as a comprehensive source of knowledge for graduate and postgraduate students of geography, at the same time it is also useful for teachers and researchers of Indian geography.

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